Feel like a man when shaving #Razor #ShavingCoza #ShaveLikeAMan

Feel like a man when shaving
Changing the mundane chore of daily shaving to a tactical blood pumping experience. Currently shaving with a dual blade plastic toy which litters our bathroom bin on a weekly basis has become a normal household site. Shaving has become an expensive mundane daily routine filled mostly with frustration and despair.
Have you ever stood in front of the mirror in the morning with your half asleep eyes staring at a badly shaven line on your lathered face? Thinking to yourself “how can the blade be blunt?! I replaced it just last week ?! “ After throwing the blunt blade away you swear under your breath after realizing there are no more blades left. You now have to endure a full day with a half shaven face at work while counting down each minute before you get to a damn shop. Standing in front of the shaving isle with over a dozen brands promising a closer shave, better performance and transforming you into a movie star. Looking at the prices rubbing your half shaven chin you start doing the math. Having spent more than just over a deposit for a car, on shaving blades, you start questioning your existence. Reaching the conclusion you should rather just grow a beard!

Over a period of 50 years we have moved from the one blade razor to a plastic artificial miniature three blade toy. Before the accessibility of shops products were made by hand by the product user. If you needed a new shirt there wasn’t an option to buy one, you had to make one! We quickly evolved from the barely scraping by depression to the era of abundance resulting in detached product users.Products were made to last and get the job done in the past! This is where the revival of the one blade safety razor steps in.
Nothing gets your blood pumping in the morning than using a one blade razor to get the job done. A pack of blades cost next to nothing and lasts for ever, as each blade is double edged. Become a shaving beast as your skill and technique will determine the closeness of your shave. No more frustration while trying to shave with a barely used already blunt blade. You don’t have to grow a beard and look like a pillaging Viking in the work place.
Get a one blade razor, Feel like a man when shaving rather than a child playing with a toy!


#Razor #ShavingCoza #ShaveLikeAMan #DoubleEdgeRazor

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