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  • You order and then we deliver within 3 working days
  • You receive your awesome shaving supplies
  • You Enjoy your shaving for the next month or depending on often you shave, you pause your order
  • You only pay for what we ship.
  • You Receive a fresh blades.
  • You keep on shaving for change

Proper wet shaving has become a lost art. Today’s average person has no clue about the fine art of the traditional wet shave that their grandfathers and some of their fathers used to take part in. Instead accustomed to the cheap and disposable shaving products that companies market. This glorious ritual is make a comeback.

Yes sure. There is numerous women that use a safety razor.

Select one of the 3 shaving plans that are available depending on much you shave, checkout and we will ship within the next business day. Next month we will send you a reminder when we send your next set of blades.

Anytime. Really you just Login and cancel your subscription.  Really it is to easy.  But we are sure that you would love it! Promise.

We ship your first order immediately the next working day because we know you need to get a great shave. Your monthly refill shipping occurs during the first week of the month, we will ensure that you get notification when your is shipped.